CES 2008: Sony’s press conference – mobile gadgets

CES 2008 - Image 1We’ve been blown away with Sony‘s press conference about their new HDNA products, and they still have a lot of ammo to feed the waiting presses. Sony presents the newer additions to their plethora of mobile gadgets, such as the cute Rolly and the new Sony mylo. More details in the full article.

Sony - Image 1

A lot of new gadgets are waiting to be unveiled in the current CES conference, and aside from Sony‘s recent HDNA product announcements, they never failed to deliver with the launching of their new mobile products: the Rolly MP3 player, the latest version of the mylo personal communicator, and three new mobile phones under the Sony Ericsson brand.

The Rolly entertainment player has been mentioned several months ago. In case you haven’t come across it yet, it’s that strange, yet cute egg-shaped MP3 player with speakers that dance to the rhythm of the music.

The new mylo personal communicator has also been mentioned before, and was even thought to play PSP games. While that particular function is debunked as a rumor, the new mylo is still jam-packed with other good stuff such as built-in camera, and Wi-Fi support via partnership with Wayport.

As for the new Sony Ericsson phones, Sony unveiled three new models: the W760, W350 and the Z555. The W760 Walkman phone features a unique SensMe application, while the W350 is a surprisingly stylish low-end phone. Finally, the Z555 features a nifty gesture control that lets users control the phone by gesturing or waving their hand over it. It will also be the first 3G Sony Ericsson phone in the United States.

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