CES 2008: Space Siege gameplay video

Space Siege - Image 1If Gas Powered Games‘ promise of tactical combat action, fun multiplayer mode, and high-tech weaponry in Space Siege haven’t lured you into checking out the title to be published by Sega, you can take a glimpse at it by watching the gameplay video taken from CES 2008 at the full article.

Known for the Dungeon Siege series, fans of Gas Powered Games should be delighted to know that the developer’s venture into space  with Space Siege is shaping up to be an epic one. The game appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2008, and here’s its gameplay video.

As an action RPG set in the future, Space Siege has a lot of explosions and big guns. Fortunately, players can customize their characters to make combat less repetitive and more fun. If the basic run-and-gun gameplay doesn’t float your boat anymore, the protagonist changing gear on the fly and the highly customizable equipment may catch your interest. See it to believe it in the video below:


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