CFW 3.80 M33 to be released tomorrow, has update feature

PlayStation Portable - Image 1Itching for some news about the upcoming Custom Firmware 3.80 M33? Then take a gander over here as we not only have an update about its ETA (that’s Estimated Time of Arrival, son, I say, that’s military-talk) but a newly-added feature that could change the landscape of custom firmwares for the Sony PlayStation Portable. Check out the full article for more details.

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Heads up, Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew fans – more info has just been released about the upcoming Custom Firmware 3.80 M33, direct from Mathieulh himself. No, it’s not yet released, but there is a special bit of news that should make you eager for its arrival all the more – and it has something to do with the way it’s going to update your PSP.

So, what’s the new info? First off, an exact ETA of the firmware itself – that is, tomorrow. Apparently, a lot of people were expecting it to be released today, but due to an unexpected delay of sorts, it didn’t happen.

The reason for this – and brace yourself – is that Dark AleX has made it so that this new firmware would update the same exact way that Sony’s official firmwares do, via WiFi. That means that it’s going be a hassle-free, no-messy-installation-needed update (of course, you have to access Network Update for it), and certainly a very welcome addition to the host of features the custom firmware brings.

It could also mean that from now on, all updates will be cumulative – that is, if you’ve been out of the loop for quite a while and suddenly upgrade to the latest firmware, you won’t have to go through the long, hard slog of upgrading through the previous firmwares you’ve missed. Convenient, and definitely justifies the 24-hour delay.

More news about this upcoming treat from Dark AleX as it develops.

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