Character Copy tool now available for Pirate of the Burning Sea

Logo of Flying Lab Software's Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1The wait is finally over for those of you who’ve been expecting the new character copy system devised by the developers of Pirates of the Burning Sea. As promised, the Character Copy tool will allow players to transfer their favorite characters from the main servers on to the Testbed server. For details on how to use the new system, check out our full article.

Screenshot of Flying Lab Software's Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1It seems like Flying Lab Software has finished placing the final touches on the promised Character Copy tool for Pirates of the Burning Sea. As we previously mentioned, this tool will allow players to copy their salty seadogs from the main servers onto the Testbed server.

The new tool will save players a lot of time leveling up new characters on the test server just to try out a build before it goes live. The Character Copy tool can be found on the PotBS website and can copy as many of your characters to Testbed as you like.

Take note that normal server restrictions still apply to your characters being copied. Also, there are a few things which cannot be copied when making the transfer to the Testbed server:

  • Auction listings.
  • In-game mail sent to the character while you were logged out.
  • Accumulated landmark unrest.
  • Any association with a society the character has.

The Character Copy tool will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to transfer all your characters as soon as possible. The developers have also set up a thread on the PotBS forums for those of you who are either having problems or wish to give any feedback regarding this new system.

If you’re interested in copying your characters on to Testbed, just follow the appropriate links found on the source page that we’ve provided below.

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