Chart Track director: UK Xbox 360 sales up after price cut

Xbox 360 - Image 1Over the past few weeks, we covered the announced Europe Xbox 360 price drop. This move by Microsoft seems to be paying off as their video game platform enjoyed a sales boost. Check out the full article for more details from Chart Track Director Dorian Bloch.

Microsoft Xbox 360 - Image 1Ever since a price cut for Xbox 360 in Europe was announced, quite a number of analysts have been discussing the possible effects of this move by Microsoft. Well, the numbers are in and it looks like sales for the platform have increased by a significant number.

According to Chart Track Director Dorian Bloch, UK Xbox 360 sales are up by around 35 to 40 percent after the price cut was implemented.

In spite of the apparent success of the price drop, he pointed out that it’s “too early to read too much into it at this stage” and that the next three to four weeks will be “the real litmus test.”

Strangely enough, Xbox 360 software sales weren’t affected by this rise. However, Bloch explained that some “big new 360 releases” were launched the week before and that a drop in software sales normally occurs soon after.


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