Check out iBand – the first ever iPhone band

Apple's iPhone mobile phone - Image 1Who would’ve thought that all the third party music applications being released for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch would actually breed the first ever iPhone band? Calling themselves iBand, this three man band showcase their musical talents with the use of two iPhones running different muscial instrument apps, with a Nintendo DS supplementing the orchestra with its synthesized sounds. You can watch the first ever song composed by the band in the video we have after the jump.

Whoever said that gaming doesn’t breed creativity has yet to see the innovative masterpiece produced by the first ever iPhone band called iBand. This three man band makes use of third party musical applications running on their iPhone, with supplementary sounds coming from a Nintendo DS.

Sebastian Wöber, one of the band members, explains that with the number of homebrew music applications being released for the iPhone, they just had to form an iPhone band. The two other members of the band include Roland Dell’mour and Marina Dell’mour.

However, since they only had two iPhones available, they had to make use of a Nintendo DS playing Electroplankton to help supplement the band with some synthesized sounds from the game. Wöber admitted that they are looking to replace the DS with another iPhone or iPod Touch device, possibly playing a drum simulator app to complete the band.

Anyway, you can enjoy some of the synthesized sounds coming from iBand by viewing the video we have of them below.

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