Cherry-picked information promises Apple is beating Samsung in Europe

The iPhone 15 is a popular device in Europe, according to figures.
According to a new study, Apple’s iPhone has risen to overtake Samsung’s smartphone sales in the EU. However, this claim is not backed up by even the most basic scrutiny. In February 2024 the research firm Canalys stated that Apple had regained its top spot in European smartphone sales for the 2023 holiday season. It also stated that Apple had overtaken Samsung for the first quarter in seven. Stocklytics’ research, based off Statista data, confirms that Apple has beaten Samsung and that it has shaken the market. It says it’s the first time since 2014, but that’s not true. This is based on a graph showing sales from 2010 through 2022. However, it’s labeled as 2023. This chart shows Samsung overtaking Apple in 2014 and then maintaining its lead until 2021 when both companies were almost equal. Stocklytics ignores the 2010 start date, the time when Samsung overtook Apple in 2014, and the quarter of 2021 where both firms had around 32% market share. Stocklytics has chosen to focus instead on the years from 2019 to 2023 for no apparent reason. The chart shows that Apple’s share of the market rose “astonishingly” by 32%, while Samsung’s fell “from an astonishing 34.44% to 31%”. The X axis appears to stop at 2022 but the figures behind go up to the year 2023. (Source: Stocklytics). That 31% for 2023 is the same as what the chart shows for 2022. If the latest figures for Apple were also for 2022 then Apple’s rise would have taken it to 33.35 percent of the market. Stocklytics also states that Apple dropped back to 25% in Q1 2024, while Samsung rose to 32%. This is the quarter when Samsung launches their latest Galaxy smartphones. It is also the time when initial sales of iPhones begin to slow down. The research concludes by presenting the latest data for the month of June, 2024. Apple is on 30%, while Samsung is on 33%. This doesn’t really shake up the EU Market. If you’re keeping track, IDC figures show that Apple is ahead of Samsung globally. Apple has a 20.1% global market share compared to Samsung’s 19.4%.


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