China’s Netease licensed to import StarCraft Online?

China's Netease licensed to import Starcraft Online? - Image 1There's information circulating that China">NetEase, an online game operator in China, will be making its first step on being the first company to operate foreign online games. In fact, the game being talked about is Blizzard's StarCraft Online.

Although there hasn't been any official information on this issue, the company's CEO has disclosed that they plan to provide foreign online games to their customers. More info on this rumor in the full article.

China's Netease licensed to import Starcraft Online? - Image 1

Here's an interesting information regarding one of China's biggest online game service provider, NetEase. We were able to grab information that the company has been licensed to provide Blizzard's upcoming StarCraft Online in China.

Caijing Magazine was able to supply this information, adding that it came from an industry insider. If this event is true, NetEast will be marked as the first company to operate overseas online games in China.

The company's CEO, Ding Lei, didn't confirm anything regarding this matter. Lei said that the company has been observing many online games but haven't signed any formal license contract. He added that they will strive to provide more game products to their consumers by being licensed to provide foreign games and co-developing games with foreign partners.

Nothing is still set in stone until now since no official word has been sent out on this issue. Stick around and we'll keep you updated on the latest developments of this topic.

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