Chromium PSP v0.3 and source code now out

Chromium Royale - Image 1Homebrew developer Royale is back with his ‘brewed PSP port of Chromium PSP (originally for Windows and Linux). If you haven’t picked this one up yet, then now is a good time. Check out the full article for more information on how to get this game running in your PSP.

Download: Chromium PSP v0.3
Download: Chromium PSP v0.3 (source code)

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Those who liked Chromium PSP (the homebrew PSP port of the Windows and Linux shooter) should get ready to start cracking with their copy of Chromium, now that homebrew developer Royale recently released a patch for the port with some bug fixes.

Just like the previous release, you have to do some file tinkering in order to make game run on your PSP. Just follow the instructions below to help you get started:

  • First you need the PSP toolchain installed with libraries.
  • I had to recompile SDL_Mixer with the following options to fix linking: –disable-music-libmikmod –disable-music-ogg –disable-music-ogg-tremor –disable-music-mp3
  • Download Chromium B.S.U. version 0.9.12 here.
  • Untar src and data archives.
  • Apply my patch: cd Chromium-0.9; patch -p1 < ../Chromium-PSP-0.2.patch
  • Build the glpng library: cd support/glpng/src/; make -f Makefile.psp
  • Build the game: cd ../../../src/; make -f Makefile.psp
  • Copy the data folder in the __SCE__Chromium folder.
  • Copy the __SCE__Chromium and %__SCE__Chromium folders to the PSP 1.5 firmware folder and enjoy//

Since the files do not have a readme file included, it’s best to visit Royale’s page by checking out the Via link below if you have any questions. Enjoy!

Download: Chromium PSP v0.3
Download: Chromium PSP v0.3 (source code)

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