Circuit City offers sweet holiday discount for Super Mario Galaxy

Circuit City offers sweet holiday discount for Super Mario Galaxy - Image 1Shopping for the Christmas season has finally arrived folks! As early as now, gamers the world over are already making their lists of what games are going to be must – haves come December. Unfortunately, possibility of a limited budget significantly narrows down your possible purchase choices. What is there to do then? Search no more, for Circuit City has so graciously came out with a promo for Super Mario Galaxy!

discount deal for nifty Mario Galaxy for the Wii now available - Image 1Thanksgiving has sadly come to a close now that Black Friday has rolled around. But fret not, for as the saying goes: “When a door closes, somewhere, a window of opportunity opens up.”

That’s a perfect line to go with this bit of news: we chanced upon a copy of Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii for just $34.99! Where? At Circuit City.

Although Thanksgiving is long gone now, we’re just starting the season of Christmas. And you know what that means: Christmas sales and shopping!

As early as November, people are already gearing up to do some major shopping for many a Christmas present. And what better gift to give for your kids still hogging the Wiimote than a copy of Super Mario Galaxy, right?

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy now before this timely deal sadly goes up in smoke.

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