City of Heroes/ Villains gets nerfed behemoths in new patch

City of Heroes and City of Villains get new patch - Image 1Watch out folks! There’s a new patch for both City of Heroes and City of Villains out, and with it comes the promise of a new user command and weaker Behemoths. Learn more after the jump!

City of Heroes and City of Villains get new patch - Image 1 

There’s a new patch out for City of Heroes and City of Villains today, so if you noticed the servers going down earlier, that was probably NCsoft putting in the patch. Some notable additions for this patch include the nerfing of the Behemoth’s circle of thorns, as well as a new user command ability known as /sync.

Below, you will find the full patch notes for both MMORPGs. Enjoy!

Combined Notes


  • Circle of Thorns Behemoth Invincibility toned down slightly. It now provides roughly 8% defense per target.
  • Corrected animation time issues with Drain Psyche and Energy Absorption.
  • Fixed a minor delay for the hit effects/damage on Martial Arts – Crippling Axe Kick
  • Willpower / Rise to the Challenge will now root the player while activating. This was done to ensure it follows the same rules as other toggle powers.
  • The animation used by Spine Burst and Thorn Burst will no longer prevent the next attack animation from playing.

User Commands

  • Added /sync command which attempts to get the client and server back in sync when the client allows movement but it isn’t reflected on the server. (When out of sync, the player will be able to move around, but cannot see other players or NPCs, and other players cannot see them).



  • Blasters
    • Blasters / Defiance – Found a bug in the formula used for calculating Blaster Defiance buffs.
  • The following powers have been altered as listed:
    • Fistful of Arrows (slightly weaker)
    • Rain of Arrows (slightly stronger)
    • Zapp (slightly stronger
    • Power Burst (stronger)
    • Bitter Freeze Ray (slightly stronger)
    • Shout (stronger)



  • Corruptors
    • Corruptor / Electric Blast / Voltaic Sentinel – Corruptor version of Voltaic Sentinel now benefits from Enhancements.
  • Dominators
    • Dominator / Electric Assault / Thunder Strike: This power should no longer accept endurance modification sets.
  • Stalkers
    • Fixed Stealth Suppression from Assassination Attacks
  • Tailor
    • Weapon customization: Rularuu bow should now be obtainable by Villains

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