Clear-sky star sign: Wii Horoscope Channel no go for Europe

Horoscope - Image 1The stars apparently are not in favor of a European release of the Wii Horoscope Channel. This we got as much from our crystal ball — er — from Nintendo spokesperson via Edge.

WIi - Image 1All you Horoscope-fanatics out there in Europe are in for disappointment today. Nintendo has just divulged to Edge that the Horoscope channel will not be made available in the region.

Says a Nintendo spokesperson, “There are no current plans to bring this to Europe.” We wonder why. Horoscope and star alignments and such are big there, too, right? No word yet on its US fate as well for now, though it’s already been launched in Japan.

Carrying the translated title of “Today and Tomorrow’s Lucky Fortune Telling Channel”,the feature channel collects data from the Miis to provide a daily slew of fate-dictating horoscopes, be it in the category of love, work, school, communication or money.

We’ll keep you posted on this one.


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