CliffyB: PC Gaming Alliance is bringing the PC back

CliffyB - Image 1PC gaming, like many hardcore enthusiasts would tell you, has been overshadowed recently by powerful consoles that are more accessible and with more games. Even Epic GamesCliff Bleszinski believed the PC is in disarray, but now, he found new hope in the hands of the PC Gaming Alliance. More details at the full article.

CliffyB - Image 1Now that the PC Gaming Alliance has been established by the industry’s big players to propel PC gaming’s worldwide growth forward, Epic GamesCliff Bleszinski (aka CliffyB) was able to somewhat take back his previous statement saying the PC is in disarray. According to the Gears of Wars creator, PC gaming is “abso-frigging-lutely” back.

In an interview, CliffyB explained that the stance taken by industry leaders such as Activision, AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Microsoft, and even Epic Games to form an alliance is what will bring PC gaming back.

“I think everybody coming together in that kind of way will essentially kind of help re-glue things back together and kind of help fix the market,” said CliffyB. He added, “I have a big PC gaming heritage and I love playing games with a keyboard and a mouse, as well as a console, and I’d just love to see it.”

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