CliffyB: Rod on 360 graphics limit quote “taken out of context”

Epic Games logo - Image 1It was a quote taken out of context, so says Cliff Bleszinski on the Epic statement regarding the Xbox 360’s visual potential. See how and why after the jump.

CliffyB - Image 1Cliff Bleszinski is doing some cleanup now as he clarified at a recent London press event for Gears of War 2 that a quote from Epic Games‘ Fergusson saying that the Xbox 360 is “approaching upper end” of visual potential was taken out of context.

He said,

That was a Rod [Fergusson] quote that was taken out of context… I think we’re pushing the 360, but the system’s not going to get any more RAM, it’s not going to get a faster processor, but at the same time that puts the impetus on our programmers and artists to be smarter with what they work with.

And there you have it. Confidence remains in the Xbox 360. Hey, you gotta work with what you’ve got.

Via Videogaming247

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