CoD4: Modern Warfare patch arrives for Xbox 360

Call of Duty 4 - Image 1The long-awaited patch for Activision and Infinity Ward‘s (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) has arrived and Microsoft Xbox 360 fans are the first beneficiaries of improvements implemented. The online multiplayer action will be more stable than ever, plus sniper rifles will finally get some due justice. Make Captain Price proud by getting intel in the full article.

Call of Duty 4 - Image 1 

If you’ve been looking forward to the new patch for Activision‘s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC, Xbox 360, PS3), you better run to your console because it’s gone live! At least, that is, for Microsoft Xbox 360 owners. Sony PlayStation 3 owners should get it in a jiffy if they haven’t already.

The biggest change in this patch has to be how it affects online play through host migration. Now, teams won’t fall apart even if a host quits the game. Also done justice in this update are the ACOG scopes and sniper rifles which sport better accuracy as they should.

Additional tweaks concern the expanded Kill Cam that includes claymores, airstrikes and grenades, nine new spawn points on each map, and quick mute. Other tweaks should be revealed by the time an official changelog is out.

Via Joystiq

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