Coded Soul site update: added World and Monster sections

Logo of Gaia Studios' Coded Soul - Image 1If you’ve been keeping close tabs on Gaia Studio’s and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s upcoming fantasy RPG for the PSP, then you’ll be happy to know that the official Coded Soul Japanese website has updated a couple of its sections by adding some neat screenshots of some of the creatures and the world areas that Jay, the main character of the game, will be sure to encounter in the game.

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Jay, main character of Gaia Studios' Coded Soul for PSP - Image 1 There’s been no small number of original fantasy RPGs for the PSP. Gaia Studio’s and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s Coded Soul adds itself to this total by giving players dozens of hours of exploration and monster battles on the world of Idea.

To help keep players up to date on this Japanese RPG, the developers have updated the official website with some new screenshots featuring some of the highly detailed worlds and creatures Jay, the main character, will be sure to encounter.

Like we mentioned earlier, though, the site is purely in Japanese. Fortunately, most of the links on the menus are in English so we’re pretty sure you won’t have a difficult time navigating through the site.

Coded Soul is expected to be released this February 7 in Japan and will be exclusive to the PlayStation Portable. In any case, you can take a look at the new updates on the official website through the link we’ve provided below.

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