Computex 08: Intel, StreamMyGame demos PC games on mobile phones

Computex 08: Intel, StreamMyGame demos PC games on mobile phones - Image 1Intel pulled up the curtains on a little surprise at 2008 Computex technology show in Taipei, and the shocking revelation is geared for taking connected gaming to the next level. Using Intel-powered PCs, they’ve demonstrated that mobile phones could play video, audio, and relay game control messages via streams on a new build of StreamMyGame software. More details revealed at the full story.

Computex 08: Intel, StreamMyGame demos PC games on mobile phones - Image 1 

The Technology show Computex 2008 in Taiwan has become Intel‘s playground for demonstrating the latest build of StreamMyGame software on Intel-powered machines. And from tech demos shown to audiences, they were able to prove how a mobile phone with a fast connection to the Internet and a keyboard add-on can play PC games without a hitch in gameplay.

Audio and video was said to be sent in real-time to the mobile phone’s miniature display and speakers, while the input from the cell phone was returned to the Intel PC to control the player in the game.

Reports say that there was no compromise in gameplay, whatsoever. The cellular phone was connected to a WiMAX wireless broadband Internet network (previously approved as a world standard), and broadband speeds appear to be the key to StreamMyGame’s feats.

The games featured weren’t specified, but as we understand it, Intel foresees a time that high-specification games such as Crytek‘s Crysis will soon be played on your back pocket smart phone.

StreamMyGame’s technology has been around for some time now, but it has continued to wow audiences by allowing PlayStation 3, UMPC, and Linux rig owners to run PC-exclusive Windows applications via streaming. It’s membership is currently 20,000-strong.

“We are entering a new mobile age where everything from video, audio, software applications and games can be accessed and played on the move,” said StreamMyGame CEO Richard Faria. We’ll have more updates as we get them.

Via TechRadar

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