Condemned 2 blog: on the push from Beta to Cert

Condemned 2 on their Heads up Display design decisions - Image 1Monolith ProductionsCondemned 2: Bloodshot is certainly a very gritty game, but did you know that it took a definitive process of transformation to actually make the similarly gritty heads-up display that we take for granted? Find out more about it after the jump!

Condemned 2's Final HUD - Image 1 

Monolith Productions has come a long way in its development of Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Did you know, however, that even the simplest things we take for granted in play are the product of extensive research and preparation?

That’s exactly what Senior Producer Dave Hasle talks about in his recent blog post, entitled “The Beta to Cert Push.” He discusses something we usually take for granted – the heads-up display of a game – and explains just what it takes to get from the beta version of a display to the final one.

It’s an eye-opening piece of writing, to be sure. Just remember: nothing in a game ever makes itself. Reading the blog post over on the source link might give you a better appreciation of what game makers go through to bring the all-important gaming experience to us.

Via Condemned 2: Bloodshot blog

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