Confirmed: Prey 2 not coming to PS3

Prey - Image 1Sony PlayStation 3 owners looking forward to the day they might see Domasi Tawodi blast apart alien scum in the upcoming Prey 2 by both Radar Group and Human Head Studios, here’s some bad news: it’s been confirmed that the game will only be coming out for the Xbox 360 and PC. Check out all the details about this unfortunate matter after the jump.

Prey 2 - Image 1 

Wondering if you’ll be able to play the second iteration of the unique FPS from Human Head Studios (i.e. Prey 2) on your Sony PlayStation 3? Then here’s quite the rude awakening: it’s been confirmed that Prey 2 is pretty much going to take place on the Microsoft Xbox 360 and PC only. Ouch.

This comes allegedly from a story in EDGE magazine, though we might want more official confirmation that there will be no PS3 version of Prey 2. But hearing this from EDGE is really quite sad, since we know that an FPS like this would certainly benefit from the Cell Processor.

Casey Lynch of Radar Group, a game developing firm, also said confirmed that they’re involved in the making of Prey 2 with Human Head Studios. But then, you probably already knew that. In any case, at least we’ll still be able to play it on the PC, as all first person shooters were meant to be played. Updates as we get them.

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