Confirmed: Universal still supporting HD DVD format

Universal Studios re-affirms HD DVD support - Image 1Looks like the format war isn’t over yet. Universal Studios made a public statement in response to rumors that it backed out of its exclusivity deal with the HD DVD camp, saying that it will continue supporting the format. Read the full story in the full article.

Universal Re-Affirms HD DVD Support - Image 1

A lot hinges on the success of the format wars. Not least of this is the success of either the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360 as the winner of the format wars will stand to be the next standard format and will invariably get the majority of supporters.

Which is why when Paramount and Dreamworks decided to go HD DVD exclusive, it was an explosive bit of news. The same goes for when Warner Bros. decided to go Blu-ray exclusive. And now, Universal has announced its intention to remain HD DVD exclusive.

Universal’s Ken Graffeo expressed before that the studio has no plans to support Blu-ray, but that didn’t stop rumors from cropping up after Warner announced that it will go Blu-ray. Now Graffeo reasserts Universal’s support for the HD DVD format:

Contrary to unsubstantiated rumors from unnamed sources, Universal’s current plan is to continue to support the HD DVD format.

Graffeo is the executive vice president of HD strategic marketing for Universal Studios Home Entertainment as well as the co-president of the HD DVD Promotional Group.

A spokesperson for Universal also announced that the studio will be releasing new HD DVD titles soon. Looks like we’ll still see a few developments before we’ll see the end of the war.

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