Conflict: Denied Ops Intense trailer video

Conflict: Denied Ops - Image 1Get your daily fix of intense FPS action via Eidos Interactive‘s upcoming title for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC – that is, Conflict: Denied Ops – through this latest trailer video update that’s a little more action-packed than normal. With guns, tanks and helicopters, how can you go wrong?

Check out the video in the full article.

Looking for a first person-shooter that’s a bit more intense than the usual? Then Eidos Interactive‘s Conflict: Denied Ops for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 should be right up your alley, and we see how heated things could be in-game with this latest trailer video update. Explosions! Guns! More explosions! This game is intense!

Looking at the video, the game certainly has a lot of environments. We have the typical forest setting, then the snow-embanked setting, a desert ruins setting, and finally a forested-ruins setting – all of which are just waiting to be shot up with wild abandon. We also like the deal with the vehicles also making their presence felt – there’s nothing like an armed helicopter delivering the payload.

Enjoy the video!

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