Cory Barlog and George Miller’s new project revealed

Cory Barlog, director of SCEI's God of War 2 - Image 1It seems that God of War 2 director Cory Barlog has finally let us in on some of the details of the new project he’ll be working on with film director George Miller. Suffice to say, they will be resurfacing a classic 1980’s movie title and adapting it to the video game platform. To find out what this new project is all about, click on the “read more” link below for more information.

Mel Gibson, main protagonist of the 1983 film Mad Max - Image 1After God of War 2 director Cory Barlog announced that he will be teaming up with George Miller to work on an upcoming game, it seems that he’s finally revealed some of the details of his next project with the seasoned film director.

The upcoming action-adventure title will be based on the classic post-apocalyptic movie, Mad Max. The inspiration for the game was actually taken from the Mad Max: Fury Road movie Miller was supposed to shoot in 2003 before the war in Iraq forced him to put everything on hold.

So far, the game is in its initial planning stage although some details about the game have already been revealed in a conversation with Newsweek‘s N’Gai Croal. Fans of the movie can expect to see all the archaic weapons and vehicles from Mad Max brought to life in this upcoming game.

As for whether or not the original actor of the Mad Max movie, Mel Gibson, will be recasting his role for the video game, this is what Miller had to say:

Oh, it wouldn’t be with Mel. I didn’t realize it was so long ago but, he was 20, well, he was 21 when he first played Mad Max. He’s in his 50’s now–it’s too old. Yeah, I think for “The Road Warrior” he was 22 or 23 or something, so he was just a baby back then.

While this may seem like a disappointment for some of the fans, it seems like they will have to settle for a new face to fill in the new Mad Max’s role. Vin Diesel perhaps? We’ll let everyone know should we get more details about this upcoming title. Make sure to keep coming back to this spot for more updates.

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