Crackdown 2 unlocks bonus content in Perfect Dark

crackdown2-thumbYou remember how the first Crackdown had a tie-in with Halo 3 right? They’re doing it again with Crackdown 2, only this time it’s with the XBLA version of Perfect Dark.






You remember how the first Crackdown had a tie-in with Halo 3 right? They’re doing it again with Crackdown 2, only this time it’s with the XBLA version of Perfect Dark.


Having a Crackdown 2 save game on your hard drive will unlock an Agent 4 skin for use in Perfect Dark‘s Combat Simulator (the multiplayer modes). No need to do anything fancy, just have that save game on your hard drive.


Crackdown 2 comes out exclusively on the Xbox 360 next week. Perfect Dark has been out on the Marketplace since March.




Via [1Up]

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