Creator of Dungeons & Dragons passes away at 69

Dice - Image 1For those of us who have ventured into the imaginative world of tabletop fantasy role-playing games (or pretty much any fantasy role-playing game ever), here’s some bad news the co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, Gary Gygax, has passed away. He will be missed by fans all over the world (including yours truly). Check out all the details in the full article.

Gary Gygax - Image 1

Today is quite the sad day for tabletop gaming (and pretty much the fantasy genre, in terms of breaking into the mainstream circuit) as it seems that Gary Gygax, co-creator of the legendary RPG Dungeons & Dragons, has passed away. This was announced through the Troll Lord Games forums, via a post from the forum’s administrator himself. The exact post:

It is almost too much to get my mind about. But I’ve just had news that our dear Dungeon Master has passed away. Ernie called this morning, he thought we should let the fans know. He’s just sent an email out.

Gary was in his home when he gathered himself up to cross the great divide.

There’s no definite details yet about his death and what caused it, but it seems that Gygax has been suffering from poor health recently – a near-fatal heart attack and multiple strokes were only some of his major health concerns. We offer our condolences to his family and to the billions of fans that he left behind.

Image courtesy of Alan De Smet.

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