Creepy, mysterious timer counts down on PlayStation Japan

Sony PlayStation Japan mysterious timer - Image 1Talk about viral marketing. A mysterious, and not to mention creepy, timer has appeared on the PlayStation Japan website. The ominous timer is counting down the hours. What is it counting down to? Speculation in the full article.

Mysterious countdown timer appers on Playstation Japan - Image 1

An ominous timer has appeared on the Japan Playstation website. The timer is counting down the hours to something that is little less than 60 hours away. Tick tock, tick tock. What could it be counting down to?

The backdrop of the timer shows what seems to be a pool of blood. Either that or cranberry juice. If you have your speakers on you’ll also hear some creepy audio, like rain, thunder, muffled whispers, and distant screams.

I think it’s fair to say that it’s not cranberry juice. If you listen closely you can also hear that the voices are talking in English (AndyD421 has even provided a partial transcript in the comments below), which could mean that this “something” that’s happening in 60 hours will happen internationally.

Also superimposed on the pool of blood is the Japanese character “SA.” Will Sadako suddenly leap out from our screens? Probably not. Well, whatever the timer is counting down to, we’ll know in less than 60 hours.

Via PlayStation Japan

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