Criterion blog: We’ll “TRANSFORM” Burnout Paradise through DLC

Burnout Paradise to be transformed through DLC - Image 1When it comes to big dreams, Criterion Games certainly doesn’t disappoint. The Burnout Paradise (Xbox 360, PS3) makers have pledged to, and we quote, “TRANSFORM” the game over the coming year, thanks to three pieces of downloadable content they have planned for it. Learn more about it after the jump!

Burnout Paradise to be transformed through DLC - Image 1 

Criterion Games has certainly made a good impression as of late. Their Burnout Paradise title for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has sold a million copies, and they’ve got a series of downloadable content packs lined up for the game. Well, they’ve got one more thing they want to do, and that’s to transform Burnout Paradise over the course of the year, with the help of those DLC packs, of course.

Such was the statement they recently made over at the Criterion Games blog. They seem very excited by the prospect of new content of the game, so much so that the content updates aren’t numbered; rather, they’ve been given names. Cagney, Davis, and Eastwood, to be exact.

Cagney, Davis and Eastwood, by all accounts, would probably be the series of areas they’ve been developing for Burnout Paradise. While they’ve not been forthcoming with details yet, their desire to hype up the game’s DLC is infectious, especially if previous reports about the content being free hold true. In any event, keep checking QJ for more updates on Burnout Paradise’s DLC as we get them.

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