Crono and the gang flying to Europe in February?

Flying to Europe on February - Image 1Euro fans, rejoice! Time travel is not the only traveling that Crono and the gang can do – sources have told Eurogamer that the time-traveling kids are going to Europe too. Chrono Trigger DS could come your way this on February 2009. Sure, it’s quite a long wait, but hey, there’s always the import option. You do, however, get some additional stuff in the game if you wait for the European release.

Eurogamer sends word: Chrono Trigger DS will get a release for Europe in February 2009. Just in its first week of release, the remake of the SNES classic sold 270,000 units, second only to Animal Crossing: City Folk‘s 305,000.

There’s always the import option while you’re waiting, but there will be some new stuff in the new release. You get a new dungeon, an additional ending, two-screen display, touch screen controls and Wi-Fi multiplayer.

When that comes out, we’ll be the ones importing. That new dungeon sounds tempting. Maybe it’ll be like Radiata Stories‘ Dragon Lair Cave, or FFTactics’ Deep Dungeon – tough but jam-packed with great items and capped off with a super boss, tougher than Nu-Spekkio hopefully. I’ll be looking out for that.

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