CSPortable v0.75: new animations and bug fixes

CSPortable v0.75 - Image 1Homebrew coder Stealth Kill has released version 0.75 of CSPortable, a Sony handheld port of the popular FPS title Counter Strike. This build brings several new things like added animation not to mention the several bugs dealt with in this iteration. More on this after the jump!

Download: CSPortable v0.75

CSPortable v0.75 - Image 1We just got word that homebrew developer Stealth Kill has rolled out a new build for CSPortable, bumping the game up to version 0.75.

For those new to this, this is actually a Sony handheld port of the popular FPS title Counter Strike. The previous version saw the addition of several cool features such as new weapons and maps as well as explosions.

The new version 0.75, now, comes with these changes:

  • Armor fixed
  • Some Bugs fixed
  • Max Ammo for all weapons
  • Max Armor 100
  • Max Money 250
  • Server List Menu
  • Quick Chat menu
  • Reload
  • Buy Ammo
  • Crouch Animation
  • Jump Animation

Note that CSPortable v0.75 comes with its own Readme.txt file that will provide you with more information. Be sure to read that first before doing anything to maximize the potential of this game.

Download: CSPortable v0.75

Via GermanCodeHax

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