Custom Firmware 3.93 – comes with in-XMB recovery

Custom Firmware 3.93 - Image 1We just caught wind of a rather sneaky custom firmware release for the Sony PlayStation Portable. Taking cues from the work of Dark AleX and Team M33 comes CFW 3.93, which also credits Hellcat and Mathieulh. Learn more about it at the full article.

Download: Custom Firmware 3.93
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Custom Firmware 3.93 screenshot - Image 1

While waiting for the next custom firmware coming from Dark AleX and Team M33, there’s one based on the official Sony PlayStation Portable firmware 3.93 that surfaced which appears to be a functional alternative. Only known as CFW 3.93, it’s said to be rooted in M33’s work and gives credit to usual CFW contributors.

To kick things off, here’s the changelog provided for CFW 3.93

  • Uses the 3.93 kernel
  • Implemented all the original custom firmware features.
  • Ability to use the normal recovery inside the XMB by pressing the HOME button:
    • When in the recovery, the system is suspended, and you can change all options directly.
    • All options work immediately, there is no need to reboot (even the Slim’s USB charging option)
    • Ability to make a Pandora battery from the recovery, read and restore the EEPROM, etc. Providing that the motherboard supports it.
  • Ability to hide the MAC address in System Information, if you do so, the MAC will show visually as all 0’s.
  • Ability to save the savegames in normal format, rather then encrypted (only functions in March33 and Sony NP9960 mode).
  • The native 3.93 pops isn’t as good as the previous pops, therefor I hope the popsloader will get updated to support 3.93.

We’re yet to get a hold of any confirmation pertaining to who made this particular custom firmware, but Dark AleX and Team M33 received recognition together with Hellcat‘s Saveplain plug-in. Mathieulh also supposedly agreed to publish this CFW 3.93.

With that out of the way, if you’re still wondering what this custom firmware is all about, here’s a video demonstrating its features:

Thanks to Moose Island and Seven Points for the tip!

Download: Custom Firmware 3.93
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Homebrew Development Forum

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