Cypher-Me IRshell plugin v0.2 (05/11/08 update): encrypt/decrypt file directly

Cypher-Me - Image 1We hope you can remember the Cypher-Me IR Shell plugin from dev maxthebest when we first reported it. With this homebrew app, you can  restrict other people from viewing your files. Now, the dev has upgraded it to version 0.2. Find out the improvements for this new build over at the full article.

Download: Cypher-Me IRshell plugin v0.2
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Cypher-Me IRShell plugin v0.2 - Image 1

If you can remember, developer maxthebest has released the Cypher-Me IRShell plugin a few months back. The homebrew application lets you encrypt or decrypt any file you have highlighted in your IR Shell‘s file browser. Today, the homebrew dev maxthebest has upgraded Cypher-ME IRShell plugin version 0.2 again.

Encryption for the uninitiated is a process where you make files unreadable for other people, except for those with the key. Decryption reverses this. Now, what are the new changes for Cypher-Me IRShell plugin version 0.2 (05/11/008)? Well, you can now encrypt or decrypt any file directly.

If you do this procedure before, you would have to create a new file. With Cypher-Me IRShell plugin version 0.2, you can also know whether a file is encrypted or not. That is just one of the many features for the new build. We have the complete changelog for version 0.2 (05/11/08):

  • You can now encrypt/decrypt the file directly, so it does not create a new file.
  • Now, if there is not enough room on the memory stick, it will display a message telling you you can’t encrypt the file (it used to crash if file was too big)
  • Now it displays “encrypting” when encrypting, and “decrypting” when decrypting, it used to display encrypting, even when you were decrypting.
  • Added a way to know if file is encrypted or not (see above)
  • Added a menu

Note that you need the latest version of dev Ahman’s IRshell to make Cypher-Me version 0.2 work. Not to worry, you can download IRshell here. With that settled, here is a guide on how to install Cypher-Me version 0.2 from dev maxthebest. Take note of the installation instructions:

  1. Put the Eboot.PBP to IRSHELL/EXTAPP/APP19/
  2. Configure the plugin through the irshell configurator, put Encrypt as name and 19 for the address.
  3. Now when you want to encrypt a file just press start highlighting it and press the Encrypt button!

Download: Cypher-Me IRshell plugin v0.2
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forums

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