Dark Sector: three new weapon videos

Dark Sector from Digital Extremes - Image 1 Four videos have arrived for Dark Sector, including a new trailer showing off the glaive. Three of the videos feature weapons Hayden Tenno will be able to use in the game (yes, he uses more than just his mutated glaive-arm). Check out the videos in the full article.

As far as mutations go, Dark Sector’s Hayden Tenno’s glaive-arm isn’t a bad way to go. It slices, it dices and is useful when making pepperoni pizzas. As cool as it is though, it might be a little dull if that would be the only weapon you’ll be able to play.

Fortunately enough, it’s not the only weapon you’ll be playing in Dark Sector (360, PS3, PC). Here are a couple of new gameplay videos that feature three such weapons. Of course, there’s also one that features the glaive-arm and includes some cutscenes as well.

The first video will be showing off the glaive. The second video will show the Striker, a shotgun weapon. The next video will feature the VX carbine, a sniper gun. The last video will be featuring the Tekna Burst Pistol, a semi-automatic.

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