Datel’s Freeloader discs for Wii games now up for sale

Datel's Freeloader discs for Wii games now up for sale - Image 1Though Nintendo probably won’t be happy, we know there’s a pretty fair share of Wii owners out there that will appreciate this development. Remember all the rumors around the Wii Freeloader disc that someone oft let loose on the Internet? Some may have thought it a cruel joke – getting Wii gamers’ hopes up and disappearing just like that. But it appears Datel kept their promise – however slow but steady – and finally got the Wii Freeloader for Wii games out in 2008.

Datel's Freeloader discs for Wii games now up for sale - Image 1 

Once widely rumored, now available for sale – that’s Datel‘s latest Freeloader disc targeted for gamers fretting over region-locked games for their non-matching Nintendo Wii. And while it spells good news for the early adopters and avid Wii game importers, it might be reason for Nintendo to slide out another Wii update just for kicks.

The company’s older and much successful – and Wii-compatible – Freeloader for GameCube games bumped into a slight hitch with a previous Wii firmware update last year. That news came right after rumors heralded the Wii version of the Freeloader disc to arrive just before Q1 of 2007 ended.

Well, shovel up a big whoop, because almost eight months after, Datel finally got round to releasing the product. It’s available for order at the official website, reachable through the source link below.

Via Datel

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