Datel’s Freeloader doesn’t work with Japanese Mario Kart Wii

Datel's Freeloader doesn't work with Japanese Mario Kart Wii - Image 1Here’s an important bit of news for those folks who import their games. GoNintendo reports that Datel‘s Freeloader doesn’t work with the Japanese version of Mario Kart Wii, meaning you’ll have to wait for the North American or European release to get the goods. More on this after the jump!

Play-Asia says it doesn't work with Datel's Freeloader - Image 1  

If you’re a gamer who’s planning on playing Mario Kart Wii earlier than everyone else, here’s an important bit of news you should read. GoNIntendo reports that the Japanese version of Mario Kart Wii doesn’t work with Datel‘s Freeloader.

Reader Josh Thomas sent them an email from Play-Asia, which explained the situation:

This is an important e-mail update regarding your pending preorder Mario Kart Wii (w/ Wii Handle) (Nintendo Wii Japan, NTSC J)

We received the first small delivery today for testing and unfortunately we have to inform you, that the game is not compatible with the Datel Freeloader (US and PAL Version).

After learning about this bit of news, we checked Play-Asia’s listing for Mario Kart Wii and, true enough, the above note was also posted on their notes for the game.

We suppose fans will just have to wait a little longer to play the game. In the meantime, you can always just check out the trailers we have for the game, if only to fill your need for the game while waiting for the official release to come.

Via Go Nintendo

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