David Jaffe speaks about Heartland cancellation

David Jaffe - Image 1Gamers probably know that David Jaffe‘s Heartland, a first person shooter which made a political point, has been cancelled. Jaffe recently spoke about this game, why it didn’t take off, and how it made an impact on him. For more on this, check out the full article.

David Jaffe - Image 1David Jaffe has drawn more than his share of fans and detractors among the video gaming community. He has finally come out and discussed one of his cancelled Playstation Portable Games, Heartland.

According to Jaffe, Heartland was supposed to be a first person shooter which made a political point. He noted that while the concept was good, it just didn’t seem to fit into the style and type of games the developers from Incognito were into:

They certainly were more than capable of executing it. But I think it really didn’t play to what they were passionate about, in terms of a lot of them don’t go home and play story games.

A lot of them aren’t all that interested in the merging of narrative and interactivity. They’re more straight-up gamers. They like mechanics. They like multiplayer. They like the arcade stuff.

Heartland was supposed to be developed for two years total, however, it only lasted for eight months. Aside from the aforementioned problem, he cited that the team was slowly being whittled down to work on Warhawk: “By the end, we were running on fumes anyway, the ambition is just too great for the resources that we have.”

That said, Jaffe isn’t bitter about the ordeal. He’s happy to finally get the idea of making a statement out of his system and can now focus on working on games that will simply entertain people:

I just want to make people happy and entertain people. I don’t need to push the medium forward, I don’t need to say anything. I really just want people to play the stuff we work on and have smiles on their faces.

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