DC and Sierra to publish new comic book series based on Prototype

Alex Mercer, hero of Radical Entertainment's Prototype - Image 1Alex Mercer, main protagonist of Radical Entertainment‘s Prototype (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC), will get the chance to star in his very own comic book series as DC Comics and Sierra Entertainment plan on publishing a new comic series based on the upcoming video game title. You can check out a proposed comic book cover for Prototype as well as additional details about the series by reading our full article on it.

Proposed comic book cover for Prototype - Image 1 The idea of a character with shape shifting powers and the ability to mimic the appearance of those he consumes would make for a great superhero (or even supervillain for that matter).

It’s no wonder that DC Comics has decided to field Alex Mercer, the main protagonist of Radical Entertainment‘s Prototype, as the hero of its upcoming comic book series under the same title as the video game.

The new comic book series will be a collaboration between the world’s leading English language comic book publisher and Sierra Entertainment, the publisher of Prototype. The comic will focus on the story of Alex Mercer, the mutant shape-shifter on the run from the Blackwatch division as he tears through the city of New York trying to remember his lost past.

It’s no wonder that this particular series will be published under DC’s WildStorm imprint. Considering the very mature theme from the actual game, the licensing for its comic book incarnation will be delivered under the equally mature WildStorm brand.

All in all, this tie in is a good way to promote the game for its upcoming October release for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Gamers who are looking forward to this title and the comic book series will have to wait a little later into the year before more news about it comes out. No worries, though. We’ll be keeping an eye on it, so keep yourself posted to this space for more updates.

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