de Blob official movies 2, 3 for Nintendo Wii

de Blob official movies 2, 3 for Nintendo Wii - Image 1Here comes another blob of goodness for Nintendo Wii fans in the form of video games for de Blob. The game is being handled by the studio Blue Tongue Entertainment and will be published by THQ. Scheduled release date is some time this February.

We have for you two new videos of de Blob showing gameplay, allowing you to become more familiar with the title before its actual release. You can watch the videos by clicking the ” read more” link below.

The journey video game de Blob took to get on Nintendo consoles Wii and DS is really an interesting one. It began as a school project in the Netherlands by eight students studying Game Design and Development.

THQ then was able to view the game and was immediately impressed. After acquiring the rights to de Blob, the company tasked the studio Blue Tongue Entertainment to handle the Wii version, while the DS version was given to Helixe.

In terms of gameplay, de Blob is actually an action puzzle type of game which has gamers trying to “re-animate” the City of Chroma. The said city lost all its colors and life to the evil known as I.N.K.T. Corporation.

The videos below are for the Wii version of de Blob. Both titles are expected to ship on February 2008.

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