Dead Space release dates moved up again

Dead Space by EA - Image 1Street dates usually are pushed back, not moved up. But EA seems to be raring to go with their multiplatform third-person action adventure Dead Space(PC,PS3 and Xbox 360) that they’ve decided to ship the game earlier than originally expected — again.

Dead Space by EA - Image 1Here’s something that doesn’t happen everyday. A game’s about to be released earlier than expected! Imagine that! It is possible after all! Electronic ArtsDead Space was originally tagged with an October 31st release date, but now it’s been moved up a week early.

The console versions for PS3 and Xbox 360will now be released on October 14. The PC version, meanwhile, also gets bumped up the calendar with an October 20 launch. This is the second time the release dates for Dead Space were moved up. That’s a nice way to get your treats early for Halloween.

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