Dean Richards on Fight Night Round 4’s physics engine

Iron Mike Tyson - Image 1 Mike Tyson isn’t the only new thing in EA’s Fight Night Round 4: the game will also feature a brand-new physics engine that is touted to bring more fluidity and organic movement to the Fight Night experience. More from game producer Dean Richards in the full article.

Fight Night Round 4 mo-cap session with Winky Wright - Image 1

Yes, Mike Tyson is back in Fight Night Round 4, but it won’t be the tattoo-faced Mike Tyson we know right now. It’ll be the one with “Iron” stamped proudly before his name. The lean, mean, knockout machine at his prime.

What’s even better is that players will be able to go toe to toe with an Iron Mike that fights just like the real thing thanks to the game’s all-new physics engine. During a recent mo-cap session with Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Leonard and Winky Wright, Fight Night Round 4 producer Dean Richards talked all about the game’s new physics engine:

With our new physics engine, building this game from the ground up, we’re really concentrating on delivering the most realistic in-ring experience. What that brings to the table is allowing people like Tyson to step inside, duck under, and really have the ability to have that head-to-head, inside fight where you’re close in throwing bombs.

Now it actually matters to have that type of style as opposed to a Lennox Lewis who keeps you to the outside. Now there’s strategy involved. Boxers don’t feel similar anymore. Guys like Mike and Ricky Hatton will try to get inside now, and for us, this is about making the most realistic experience as possible.

In Fight Night Round 4, not every punch and block will be perfect. Since your opponent will be doing his best to block, duck, and weave while you’re attacking, glancing blows will be commonplace. The movement will also be much more fluid and organic.

Getting pumped yet? Fight Night Round 4 is due out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2009.

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