DepanBrew Beta 6.5

Homebrew - DepanBrew Beta 6.5 - Image 1French Wiibrew author CashMan has released DepanBrew, a program that will help you repair some of the problems you might encounter when dealing with homebrew for the Wii. More details after the link.

Download: DepanBrew 6.5

Homebrew - DepanBrew Beta 6.5 - Image 1When dealing with homebrew, it’s probably inevitable that you come upon some hiccups from time to time and mess up your system inadvertently. This new program from French Wiibrew developer CashMan may help you on a certain occasions when this happens.

DepanBrew is supposed to “solve every type of encountered problems” for the Wii, although this is given to be a mistranslation somewhere. What’s known is that it can help you repair these problems at least (taken from the program’s page listing):

  • I have double channels which I can’t remove through the Wii Menu ! (Thanks to Waninkoko)
  • I want to gain access to my Wii settings but my Wii is semi-bricked ! (post only the parameters)

The program’s interface is point and click, so it’s simple enough. Here’s the changelog since the initial release:

Beta 6.5

  • Added English language, for the Wii has chosen a language other than French
  • Screen of loading at the exit of the homebrew
  • Added folder for Wii Homebrew Launcher

Beta 6

  • Graphic interface added (BETA)
  • Added home menu – That allow you to shutdown your wii, put it standby mode, return to System Menu and back to loader. Also, it show DepanBrew version.
  • Improved Wiimote support with some rumble and exploiting iR

Download: DepanBrew 6.5

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