Devil World now available on Virtual Console for Japan region

Logo of Nintendo's Virtual Console for Wii - Image 1If you’re looking for more nostalgic 8-bit gaming fun on your Virtual Console, then you might be interested to know that Nintendo has released Devil World on the Japanese VC. Coming close to what can be described as Pac-Man on speed, Devil World is one classic game that you definitely have to try if you’re into games with endless levels of round about mazes and pellets littering it.

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Screenshot of Nintendo's Devil World for NES - Image 1As Nintendo classics are concerned Devil World comes close to what can be described as Pac-Man on speed. Gamers who want to return to the good old days of its 8-bit glory can now take advantage of it by downloading the game for the Wii Virtual Console.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game, it puts you in the role of the green dragon Tamagon as he tries to attack the Devil’s world by going through various mazes, collecting four Books of Magic and prevent the Devil from stealing it.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why some of the characters in the screenshot seem familiar, it’s because both Tamagon and the Devil play cameo roles in the Super Smash Bros. series; with Tamagon starring as a trophy in the Japanese version of Melee and Devil as an Assist Trophy in Brawl.

Devil World is only available on Japan‘s VC, though, so Wii owners in North America will have to wait a while before a local version becomes available. The game is currently priced at 500 Wii Points.

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