Dissidia: Final Fantasy website update: Story, Character, and Info sections now up

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Image 1Square Enix has updated the official website of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. The Movie and Download sections are still down, but the Story, Characters and Info sections are now online. Find out more at the full article.

Dissidia cast - Image 1The official Japanese webpage for Square Enix‘s upcoming PSP action title, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, has been given a bit of an upgrade. New additions include Story, Character and Info sections.

The Character section contains basic info on some of the game’s confirmed fighters. These include the Warrior of Light and Garland from Final Fantasy, Frioniel (Firion for all you purists) and Emperor Mateus from Final Fantasy 2Squall Leonhart and Ultimecia from Final Fantasy 8, and Final Fantasy 9‘s Zidane and Kuja.

Artwork found on the members-only section of the Japanese Square Enix site suggest that character info for Jecht and Tidus from Final Fantasy 10 will be on the next update. That’s the image to the right, courtesy of NeoGAF member jiggle.

Hopefully the next update will also reveal the other members of the game’s playable cast. I’m personally looking forward to the representatives for Final Fantasy 6. Keep checking back here for more news.

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