Dissidia has one more unannounced character

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Image 110 heroes plus ten villains from the first ten Final Fantasy titles. That makes 20. Shantotto comes along, that’s 21. But V-Jump books have been talking about a 22-character roster for Dissidia: Final Fantasy, that leaves one more. So who is this new challenger?

At first, it was announced that Dissidia: Final Fantasy would only have 20 playable characters. It made sense, since one hero and one villain from the first 10 Final Fantasy titles will be included. But ever since Shantotto came along, this equation got a little messed up. What’s more,  V-Jump books have been talking about a 22-character roster for Dissidia. So who is this enigmatic last character for the Square Enix fighting game?

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Well since Shantotto is from FFXI, and Dissidia gets a hero-and-villain pair from each Final Fantasy title, it may very well be a villain from FFXI, most likely Eald’narch. At this point, however, with no announcement, all we have is merely speculation.

Let’s just get a scaled-down Bahamut in there, that ought to be fun – the slim, agile FFIX Bahamut, not the bulky one from X. It’s be fun Mega-Flaring the crap out of Kefka! I’d like to see that better than ol’ Eald’narch, but that’s just me. What about you guys? Who’d you rather have?

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