DJ Max Portable gets new games; more trippy screens ahead

DJ Max Portable - Image 1Seoul’s getting more soul! Pentavision has announced the next installments (yes, that’s plural) in their DJ Max Portable franchise. Read more for details and a handful of eye candy screenshots.

DJ Max Portable - Image 1

Korea‘s getting more DJ Max Portable titles. Yes, note the plural in “titles”. They’re getting two additional rhythm games in the DJ Max franchise.

Considering that A) the franchise is being developed and published by local Korean company, Pentavision, and B) the DJ Max Portable is enjoying strong sales in Korea, this isn’t all that surprising.

Ruliweb reports of the two new installments as Clazziquai Edition and Black Square Edition. You might think that these might come in the same way that Pokemon has its BlueRed releases or DiamondPearl, but Kotaku suggests that each of the installments may be distinguished by catering to the casual or hardcore crowd.

DJ Max Portable - Image 1 DJ Max Portable - Image 2 DJ Max Portable - Image 3 DJ Max Portable - Image 4

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