Do it Yourself PSP Headset Adaptor.

Headset AdaptorOver on the official a member by the name of JonathanDS posted a guide with instructions to make your own PSP headset adaptor so you can chat in your favorite multiplayer games (like SOCOM:FTB) without buying the official Sony headset. Apparently no stores near him were selling the headset so he made his own and his guide is pretty good. The final product (pictured to the right) should be able to use and 3.5mm headset, like the ones used on cell phones. Even better, it might be ably to use wireless headsets. Hit the full article for the instructions and a few more pictures.
Over on the official message board JonathanDS has posted a guide to make your own PSP headset adaptor so you can chat in your favorite multiplayer games (like SOCOM) without buying the official Sony headset. Apparently no store near him had the headset for sell but their loss is out gain. Here’s what he has to say about making the adaptor:

I purchased SOCOM: FTB last week at EB Games…. I asked them if they got the headset in too…. nope. I searched all over this fine city of mine and NOBODY had the headset. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.


I asked many questions from the people on this [] board to find some insight into how the PSP Headset connects. Here’s what I found….


The PSP Headset is using a four conductor 3.5mm mini jack. Basically there is one more conductor for the microphone to connect to. I was shopping today and noticed a PSOne A/V cable in the bargain bin. I pulled it out and noticed it had the same four conductor mini jack. I brought it to work and started my magic.


I cut the cable in half ( that way I can make two) and I used a meter to tone out which wires were which on the end. The bottom three are for the left and right channels on the headpones and the top one is for the microphone. I soldered one female 3.5mm mini jack to the cables corresponding to the headphones and the other cable to the top for the microphone. I was then able to connect my headset from my PC directly into these connectors.


I was able to play SOCOM: FTB for over two hours and everyone could hear me just fine!

Final Adaptor
Cable UsedConntection Diagram

You don’t have to find the same cable as I did… But you can find the connector and make all the connections yourself!

This looks very promising, theoretically you can use any cellphone hands free (or possible certain Bluetooth) set should let you chat while playing online. Thanks JonathanDS for letting me share this while our readers. If anybody makes one of these and gets it working let us know what you think of it.

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