Doom PSP v1.4

Doom for the PSP v1.4, by Chilly Willy - Image 1We’ve just recieved word that Chilly Willy has released a new build of the much-loved PSP port of ID Software‘s Doom FPS. This latest release (v1.4) hosts a number of new updates, and now automatically switches back to the PSP’s LCD after you swap out of the TV (for the Slims only) The latest changelog for this package of shotgun-toting multiplatform mayhem is available in the full article.

Download: Doom for the PSP v1.4

Doom for the PSP version 1.4, by Chilly Willy - Image 1Thanks to tip sent in by reader CJ (kudos!) we’re happy to report that Chilly Willy has updated Doom for the PSP to version 1.4.

This homebrew, in case you’re a first-time reader, is a PSP Slim port of ADoomPPC, which was in turn a port of ADoom, ported from ID Software‘s Linux version of the Doom FPS. This latest build packs a couple of new tweaks (quoting the readme):

Automatically switches on LCD after using TV. No need to tap the display button anymore. Now uses intraFonts from Ben Hur as long as the ltn8.pgf font can be loaded. Looks a LOT better. If it fails to load the font for some reason (you deleted it to make room in the flash or something), it falls back to the debug printing. Altered next/previous weapon handling so that you can switch between the shotgun and the double-barrel shotgun in versions that allow it. The file requester now sorts the entries.

We remind users that Doom for the PSP is built for Slims running on custom firmware 3.xx, although it will also run for Phat units. Be sure to study the readme before jumping into the fray with your buddies on the other gaming platforms.

Download: Doom for the PSP v1.4

Via Chilly Willy

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