DragonMedia Player v0.11 Alpha: 24-bit flac support fix, more

Wii homebrew - Image 1The latest DragonMedia Player build may seem to have regressed the homebrew media player back to Alpha status, but don’t think for a second that it doesn’t carry anything worth checking out. For one, v0.11 Alpha includes a fix for 24-bit flac support, along with other additions that further improve the homebrew media player’s functionality. More in the full article.

Download: DragonMedia Player v0.11 Alpha

DragonMedia Player - Image 1

Homebrew developer DragonMinded has released a new DragonMedia Player build, bringing the homebrew media player for the Wii up to version 0.11 Alpha.

Yeah, we realize that the last release already carried the Beta tag, but don’t think of this release as a regression since it does carry a few additions that improve DragonMedia Player’s functionality. Here’s a list of what’s new, straight from the readme:

  • Added load screen.
  • Added ability to change themes from menu.
  • Added more options to home menu.
  • Integrated USB patches (no guarantee that it works).
  • Fixed 24bit flac support (note that SD card is the limit for playing back).
  • Settings now get saved from home menu.

Like we mentioned, the DragonMedia Player bundle available for download below includes a readme file, located in the “docs” directory. Make sure to read the readme and the accompanying release log for more info.

Download: DragonMedia Player v0.11 Alpha

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