Drone Tactics robot bugs unearthed

Drone Tactics - Image 1Admit it – during your childhood, you dreamed of having an army of robotic bugs to attack that pesky neighbor and impress your friends. Atlus is ready to realize that dream with Drone Tactics for the Nintendo DS. You can learn about cannon-equipped cockroaches and anti-air centipedes at the full article.

Drone Tactics - Image 1

Not long after Atlus unleashed Rondo of Swords, another turn-based strategy RPG for the Nintendo DS is shipping from its camp to North America. This time, it’s a full 3D offering in form of Drone Tactics by developer Success. Instead of swords and magic, players will utilize robotic bugs affectionately called “Drones” to conquer the enemy.

Of course, we’ve got assets hot from Atlus to showcase many of the mechanical Drone Tactics critters. From cockroaches to centipedes, there will definitely be something in store that you will itch for. Before you finally get your hands on the game come April 13, here are profiles of some Drones you can expect to encounter:

Drone Tactics Jet-I - Image 1 Drone Tactics Jet-I - Image 2 

Jet-I (Cockroach)
Action type: ground
Movement type:  tires
Master: Hydel

Of all the Drones, it possesses the highest movement. It excels in gun-type and cannon-type weaponry and has a +1 range to cannon weapons. It has a high B-barrier, and is a formidable opponent that can move and attack at high speeds.

Drone Tactics Kris-T - Image 1 Drone Tactics Kris-T - Image 2 

Kris-T (Moth)
Action type: air
Movement type: wings
Master: Elisha

It has high HP and defense, and has anti-ground gun-type fire that can deal double damage to ground units. It has low movement, but fighting against it with ground units is a deadly risk.

Drone Tactics Nyght-R - Image 1 Drone Tactics Nyght-R - Image 2 

Nyght-R (Spider)
Action type: ground
Movement type: legs
Master: Misaki

A Drone with high HP, that excels in melee and gun-type combat. It has high mobility and speed for a Drone on legs, giving it the ability to strike without warning.

Drone Tactics R-Nej - Image 1 Drone Tactics R-Nej - Image 2 

R-Nej (Centipede)
Action type: ground
Movement type: treads
Master: Jegard

It has the highest gun power of all the Drones. Its guns are also equipped with anti-air, making it a deadly force against air units.

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