DS homebrew: CycloDS Evolution v1.4 BETA 3

CycloDS Evolution for Nintendo DS - Image 1After overcoming some real-time saving bugs, Team Cyclops has released a new firmware update for CycloDS Evolution. If this beta 3 version proves to be bug-free, they’re going to be release it as the final v1.4. So… Just in case it does happen to be free of errors, you might want to download it now for an early treat.

Download: CycloDS Evoution firmware v1.4 BETA 3

CycloDS Evolution for Nintendo DS - Image 1

Keeping the Nintendo DS homebrew scene in check is Team Cyclops. They’ve released the latest firmware version for CycloDS Evolution. Currently, it’s the third public beta release for CycloDS v1.4, and the team notes that if it’s running fine and no huge bugs are reported, they’ll be re-releasing this beta 3 version as the final v1.4.

So, with the previous firmware version fixing some real-time save bugs, what does CycloDS Evolution FW v1.4 bring? Here’s the full changelog of all beta releases of v1.4 from the team:

v1.4 BETA 3:

  • Added GBA autopatching
  • GBA screen selection is taken from system settings
  • Added support for the GBA frame bitmap
  • Both NOR and PSRAM mode supported for GBA roms via EZ3in1
  • GBA saves compatible with GBAExpLoader
  • Improved homebrew soft reset compatibility (nesDS, lameboy, SNEmulDS)
  • Restored compatibility with RTS files made with v1.3x
  • Game compatibility fix (2343)
  • 16-bit bitmaps now supported (skins + GBA frame)
  • New design for default CycloDS skin
  • Miscellaneous other improvements

v1.4 BETA 2:

  • Gameboy Advance software can now be loaded directly from the CycloDS Evolution GUI. Games must be pre-patched using GBATA or similar software. Automatic patching will be added in the future.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues caused by homebrew soft reset
  • Added support for new 3in1 cards
  • Fixed bug preventing RTS from working on filenames containing unicode characters
  • Game compatibility fixes (2110, ingame menu + 2107)
  • Added option of booting from slot 2 in either NDS or GBA mode

v1.4 BETA 1:

  • Fixed Pokemon NDS <-> Wii connection for all regions
  • Added homebrew soft reset
  • Increased the number of allowed fragments, which should reduce the “filesystem too fragmented” error
  • Fixed compatibility issues (2203)

As always, check out the release-notes (readme) included in the download archive for more information just in case it’s you’re first time updating your firmware.

Download: CycloDS Evoution firmware v1.4 BETA 3

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