DS Homebrew – Mario Paint Composer DS: Koopa Release!

Mario  - Image 1Enjoyed BassAssGold’s Goomba Release for his Mario Paint Composer DS brew? If so, then get ready cos we’ve got another one coming. Yep, it’s the big, fat, evil, epic fail of a kidnapper Koopa, and we’ve got the deets at the full aticle.

Download: Mario Paint Composer DS: Koopa Release!

Mario Paint Composer: Koopa Release - Image 1BassAceGold of the Palib forums has released his fun Mario Paint Composer DS: Koopa Release! program today. As the name suggests, it’s a brewed application that allows you to compose your own music with cute Mario icons as notes (see picture inset).

And in case you’re wondering, yes, it is a brew clone of the original SNES Mario Paint composer mode.

There are a lot of things you have to know about this Koopa version, so we’ll let you in on the features now so that you can go ahead enjoy this app sooner.

  • Fixed the D sharp note to play the right sound
  • Fixed end of song detection
  • Removed the appearance of being able to place notes while a song is playing
  • Last song saved/loadedÂ’s file name will be remembered in the save menu so you donÂ’t have to retype it out
  • Can now cycle through all note states with the D-pad (meaning you can make the note natural,sharp or flat rather then just sharp and flat)
  • More error checking for FAT operations (Checks if mpcsongs folder is on card, if not then will create the folder. Also detects if FAT was initialized properly)
  • Better eraser controls (Double Tap note to delete it)
  • can now save author name in file
  • When loop is turned on, will loop from last note played rather then the end of the last page
  • increased max tempo and tweaked the tempo slider a bit
  • Added High A, High A Sharp, High B and High C notes
  • prevents users from typing restricted symbols in filename (while saving)
  • Can view other pages on top screen using L and R to scroll through pages (hold L or R to scroll faster)
  • News system! Click the envelope button (make sure wifi is configured)
  • Note type selection tweaks
  • saving compatibility hopefully fixed
  • new graphics
  • Running/jumping mario at the top now

Make sure you go through the readme thoroughly. The installation instructions, as well as controls and other dev notes, are there.

Download: Mario Paint Composer DS: Koopa Release!

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