DS Homebrew – Poulpi’s Adventure

Poulpi's Adventure - Image 1Here’s a new sidescrolling DS homebrew game. This one’s called Poulpi’s Adventure, and it stars a cute little blob of an octopus. Gameplay details can be seen along with the videos at the full article.

Download: Poulpi’s Adventure

Poulpi's Adventure - Image 1 Poulpi's Adventure - Image 2 

Masamune of the Dev-Fr forums has released his DS homebrew game, Poulpi’s Adventure. According to him this sidescrolling game is essentially similar to Mario games in terms of gameplay. What you have to do (as the cute blobby octopus) is to defeat enemies you meet along the way in order to get to the next level.

He says in his dev notes that:

For now scrolling, display and the counting of lives and the collision on the various platforms are fully managed. Programming for the creation of objects and enemies is almost complete, it remains to correct two small bugs, I add a new video to show progress.

Anyway, he also put in the assets for this game so go check out the screenshots and videos yourself. We’re sure you’ll find more about this game through those. Plus, it’s actually looking good.

Download: Poulpi’s Adventure

Via Dev-Fr.og

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